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Edward Klecka Construction Company is the area's trusted home renovation contractor for solar tubes. As roofing specialists, we understand the entire roofing system, so we can expertly install natural lighting products and offer you peace of mind knowing that your solar tube project has been professionally completed.

What Are Solar Tubes?

Solar tubes, also known as tubular skylights or sun tunnels, are an alternative to traditional skylights that perform the similar function of allowing natural light into the room. However, there are differences. Unlike a traditional skylight, a solar tube consists of a metallic tube with a clear covering over the opening to your roof. It channels natural light from the sun down the metallic tube, which acts as a mirror, reflecting the light into your interior. Unlike a skylight, a solar tube can be installed nearly anywhere on the roof.

Benefits of Solar Tubes

  • Lower cost for materials: The metallic tubing and materials needed to create the solar tube product cost less than the materials needed to produce skylights.
  • Easier to install and service: Easier to install, solar tubes cost less to repair and service long-term.
  • More energy-efficient: Because solar tubes only allow indirect light into the home, as opposed to the direct sunlight that comes through a skylight, less heat enters the home.

Since 1984, Edward Klecka Construction Company has served as an experienced home renovation contractor for local homeowners. As a general contractor that specializes in roofing, we're uniquely prepared to complete your solar tube installation with the utmost care and expertise. Contact us now to begin your solar tube installation! Call (805) 633-4171 today or fill out the online form. We'll be glad to discuss your project and offer a free estimate for our services.